About Us

the Improviders, who are rooted in short-form improv style, recently took on the task of switching styles for long-form improv competition. The hard work paid off with a 7-week run as iO West Cage Match Champions, and heavy hitters in Westside Eclectic's first League Night competition. They have also been involved in LAAVAA, the Los Angeles Area Veterans Artists Alliance.

The 4-member troupe consists of 3 on-stage performers and spur-of-the-moment musical accompaniment providing the soundtrack to all the madness. Their off-the-cuff, relentless, no-holds-barred style sets the Improviders apart from the rest. Their tight group dynamic translates to the stage, which is attributed to the majority of the group working together for several years. Catch the craze known as the Improviders -- it's better then having to hear about it from your friends!

Meet the

Ezra Barham:

The Big Man from Texas studied for close to 3 years under the guidance of James Henrikson, of early Groundlings fame. In 2003 he took over producing duties and continues to make it up as he goes. Taking the group from a small 50 seat theater in Burbank to some of the biggest Improv Stages in LA. Ezra was featured on LA's top rated talk show "Frosty Heidi and Frank"  spreading the good word of the Improviders. He continues to move the group towards bigger and better things.

Shawn Gonzales:

The only native Southern Californian of the group, Shawn has made it through a few trails by fire and became an Improv Olympic Alumni. Also known as the Doctor, he is the group's resident song man with a background in music studies, song writing and a very successful career as a DJ and Karaoke Jockey. Working with Special Ed Teens as an Inclusion Aide has given him a new and exciting out look on everyday life that translates well to the stage.

Jennifer Wilson:

Jennifer Wilson is a southpaw born in Texas and raised in good old Missouri. Knew she found her calling when she was cast as the 'little witch' in her 2nd grade Halloween play. By age 11 she was performing Off-Broadway in New York and at 19 made the move to Los Angeles and graduated 2 years later from the American Academy of the Dramatic Arts. Since graduating Jennifer has appeared in various commercials, plays, films and public access t.v. shows. She's been doing improv comedy for the past 6 years with 'the Improviders' all over L.A.  The Viral Video she wrote and starred in, "Ladies Guide to a Break-up", won first place in at Hollywood's Viral Video Night. A  recent Traction Magazine article proclaimed  the video was "undeniably frank, intelligent and  side-splittingly funny."
Scott (Scoot) Wilson:

Some people think everything happens for a reason. Some people believe in fate. Others believe our lives are part of some grand scheme determined by forces beyond our comprehension. Scott Wilson doesn't really buy into all that crap, but when he thinks about the events in his life that formed the path he followed that brought him to the Improviders, he considers himself the luckiest man (man...man..man...) on the face of the Earth (Earth...Earth...Earth...). He gets to be creative with his guitar while people he loves and respects make him laugh. How cool is that?

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