Coming This Summer To the City of San Marino

Improv acting Class for  middle school and high school levels 

 9 week class with a live performance at the end      Wednesday nights 6:30 pm

Introducing Improv Class thought by Shawn Gonzales. 

In this class you will learn the basics of theatrical improvisation.  Improvisation is a great way to  Increase Confidence, Improve Public Speaking Skills, Enhance Acting Abilities, Gain Comfort in Social Settings, Refine Brainstorming Abilities, Improve Listening and Observation Skills, Enhance Creative-Thinking Abilities, Improve Decision-Making Skills, and Team Development Skills. The skills learned in improv are just as useful in everyday life as they are on stage.

Shawn is from the improv troupe The Improviders  ( He has been performing live shows and studying improv since 2002 . The Improviders have played live shows at places like iOWest,  Ha Ha Cafe, Seconed City, Westside Eclectic and many more. The improviders were featured at the Hawaii Improv Festival  (Improvaganza)  in 2009 and 2010.

Shawn has been involved in production, performing, auditioning, and instruction of multiple improv shows. He has been involved in teams like The Escapees, Tilted Frame, and Without Grace just to name a few.  He is an alumni of the iOWest 7 level improv training course.

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San Marino Recreation

the Improviders have been described as taking their game to the next level and providing something different & off the wall. An Improvider experience can only be described as a flurry of songs, laughter, and things respectable people shouldn't say in public. So keep an eye out for our next show. Catch the craze, it's better then having to hear about it from your friends.

the Improviders were founded in May of 2000. Our first home was a lovely 50 seat theater in the heart of Burbank called Third Stage. Since 2003 the group has hopped jumped and some times skipped all over the valley. We started off as a short-form improv troupe, but seeing the glory of the iO West Cage Match and with some enormous help from Dave Carter, we found our calling. We are forever changing as a whole. The Improviders you see today are vastly different than we were yesterday. We call whatever stage we’re on home and gladly welcome you in.


 Here is the highly praised 2009 Hawaii Festival of Improv performance. Enjoy!


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